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Effective Date: May 1, 2015 
Last Updated: May 1, 2015

Terms of Service

1. Recognition and acceptance of terms

Uni Pharma Co. Ltd ("Uni Pharma") provides services under this terms of the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"). When visitors use this site, whom are deemed to have read, understood and agree to all the contents of this agreement. Uni Pharma reserves the right to modify or change the contents of this agreement at any time. We recommend that visitors to take note to several modifications or changes. Visitors using this site after any changes, deemed to have read, understood and agree to such modifications or changes. If a visitor does not agree with the contents of this agreement, whom should immediately stop using this Website.
If visitors are age under 20 years old, shall comply with the above requirements, and shall accompany with parent (or legal guardian) to read, understood and agree to all of the content of this agreement. This include all modifications and after the change, to continue using this site. When visitors use or continued use of this Site, we assumed the parents (or legal guardians) have read, understood and agree to all of the content and all modifications and changes of this agreement.

2. Quick link and third party websites

The services and content provided in this site, visitors may have links to other sites, but does not mean that there is any relationship with Uni Pharma. Other links from this website were operated by each of their own responsibility, therefore, they were not of internal controlled and be responsible for Uni Pharma. Uni Pharma does not guarantee the appropriate content of other sites which were safe and accurate. If the visitors dislike or unwanted those websites, Uni Pharma recommend visitors to leave those sites as soon as possible and do not browse these sites.

3. The visitors' registration obligations

When this website provide registration service, visitors should agree to the following:
Accurately provide current update and complete information to ensure its accuracy and completeness. If any errors or untrue information form visitors, Uni Pharma have right to suspend or terminate their account and refuse to continue to use part or all of the service.

4. Uni Pharma Privacy Policy

Visitor registration information according to Uni Pharma "Privacy Policy" shall be protected and specifications.

5. Member account, password and security

Upon completing the service's registration process, visitors will receive a password and account number. Visitors are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account. All the actions carried out by the account and password, and visitors will bear full responsibility. Visitors shall agree to the following: (a) notify Uni Pharma immediately, if the account number and password have been stolen or when any safety problem occurs, and (b) visitor shall log out from own account at the end of each connection/section.

6. Users commitments and obligations of the law

Visitor shallpromise no any illegal purpose or in any illegal use of this site, and shallcompel to obey with relevant laws and regulations and all ROC international practice of Internet use. If a user other than the Republic of visitors, shallagree to abide by decree country or region. Visitors shallagree and promise not to make use of this site or in the interests of illegal acts against others, including, but not limited to:

Publish or transmit any defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, racial discrimination, contrary to public order or good customs or other lawless text, images or any other form of archives on this site;

Infringement of reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, other intellectual property and other rights;

A violation of the provisions of the law or contractual obligation of confidentiality;

Fraudulent use of the service on behalf of others;

Transmission or spread computer viruses;

Engage in criminal conduct or transaction posting is false, the message the introduction of crime;

Trafficking in guns, drugs, controlled substance, pirated software or other contraband;

Provide information of gambling orin any way to lure others to participate in gambling;

Electronic spamming;

Other Uni Pharma deems inappropriate behavior.

Visitors shall beresponsiblefor the issuance of ownpost content on the Site, and Uni Pharma have rightto request thecause of litigation or the procedure for Uni Pharma compensation. Any user on this site to post material or content (whether the content of the information or whether the offensive, inappropriate or violate the rights of visitors to the Republic of China or other countries, the law gives it to), visitors have agreed to give up or may have recourse of rightsto Uni Pharma. Uni Pharma reserves the right to modify, delete or refuse any information of visitors posted on this site.

7. The system interruption or failure

The services may sometimes be interrupted or failure phenomena, maycausing visitors inconvenience. Thesewill probably cause data loss, errors, being tampered with or other economic losses and other circumstances. Uni Pharma is not liable for visitors damages or inability resulting from use this service.

8. Download or information

Uni Pharma with no any warranty for visitors use this site or other sites via links and download the software or data. Visitors should make their own discretion and judgment before download these downloads withappropriateness, effectiveness, accuracy, completeness, and whether it violated the rights of others, in order to avoid losses (for example: a visitor's computer system caused damage, loss of stored data, etc.); Uni Pharma is no responsiblefor these lossesandassumes any liability.

9. The general measures on the use and storage

Visitor agrees the serviceswith a set of measures and restrictions provided byUni Pharma forthis website. These measures and restrictions contained Uni Pharma not store or delete any information provided on this website and content service or transmission, need not bear any responsibility for Uni Pharma. Uni Pharma has right and no require to obtain visitors consent to close a long time unused account. Uni Pharma has the right in their sole discretion, not to be notified, these measures are subject to change and restrictions.

10. Information or advice

Visitors obtained the information or recommendations (including but not limited to medical, product information, etc.)from Uni Pharma’swebsite or other link sites, andUni Pharma is not responsible for accuracy and WARRANTIES. For information or advice provided in this site, Uni Pharma has the right to modify or delete. Visitors should consult the relevant medical professionals and seek formal medical advice.

The information was registered and extracted from the Executive Yuan Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration's database, such information is only as a summary and academic references of the drugs for visitors. The accuracy and completeness of the information, Uni Pharma didnot afford liability, nor will usesuch information to make any statement, promise or guarantee. Visitors can not rely on this information to make medical diagnosis or treatment for themselves or others, all acts of medical diagnosis and treatment must be carried out or performed via a physician orinstructions by a physician.

We recommend the medical profession entering this website mustrefer tothe product prescribing information provided from health authorities (the Executive Yuan Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration; Taiwan FDA), in order to obtain comprehensive product information. All kinds of information contained on this website (including medical / scientific articles and the latest news on the diagnosis and treatment tools, health education materials for patients, health professionals related to continuing education, etc.), are not intended to substitute for professional medical judgment. Medical professionals should still use their professional judgment, and not use the information provided in this site directlyon its own. Under no circumstances, Uni Pharmawill not be liable for the damage and lossestovisitorswhom use the informationin this website.

Uni Pharma entitled to cooperatedwith other companies, manufacturers and other third person ("content providers"), to its offer, including news, information, newsletters and other different content published on the Website. Uni Pharma will noted publication content providersin this site, however,based on respect for intellectual property rights, Uni Pharma do not holdsubstantive examination or modification, or assumes any right and responsibility for the authenticity ofthe content. Visitors must determine their ownjudgmentfor the authenticity of these contents. If visitors found some infringing content or something is not genuine, pleaseradially provide the reaction and advice to content providers.

11. Disclaimer

Visitor expressly understand and agree that:

Regardingthe content and services of this website, Uni Pharma does not offer any warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Uni Pharma does not guarantee the following: (i) the content and services of this website will meet visitors' needs, (ii) the content and services of this website be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error free, (iii) the results of the use of content and services and to obtain the correct or reliable, and any productby the website (iv) the content and services of this website, services, information or other materials will meet visitors' expectations.

Visitors should make their own discretion and risk decide whether to use the content and services contained in this website, and to download or access the information, content and services. Uni Pharma does not bear any responsibility in this website.

12. Financial Services

Content and services of this website are not for trading or investment purposes. Uni Pharma does not bear any responsibility for transactions or investment. Uni Pharma also bear no responsibility for the visitor’sdecision made by the use of such information of the correctness of content and services on this website.

13. The protection of intellectual property rights

Software or program used on this site, asthe entire contents, including but not limited to the literature, pictures, files, information, data, site architecture, web pages, web design, were bylaw owned byUni Pharma, or other rights holders in whichhave their wisdom on the site property rights, including but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary technology. No person shall use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble. If visitors intend to quote or reproduce the aforementioned software, program or website content, visitor must obtain awritten consentaccording to the law with other rights holdersand Uni Pharma. Any violation, Uni Pharma will and claim the right to pursue damages (including but not limited to, litigation costs and attorneys' fees, etc.).

14. Mandate for Uni Pharma visitors

No legal rights norto obtain anauthorization forothers to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publish, published some information, and the right to sublicense the foregoing third party, such information shall be uploaded on the transmission, or provide input to this site. Any data uploaded by visitors, transmit, or provide input to this site, visitors have been allowed Uni Pharma deemed to be based on the purpose of public interest or private interest, unconditional use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publish, publicly such information and have the right to delegate the aforementioned others, visitors to this no objection. Visitors should ensure Uni Pharma for theuse, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, revise, distribute, publish, publicly, sublicense such information will not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights, or to deal with Uni Pharma liable for damages (including, but not Any litigation costs and attorneys' fees, etc.).

15. refuse or terminate the use of visitors

Visitor agrees Uni Pharma was based on its sole discretion, for any reason, terminate the visitor's username and password (or any part thereof) or use of the site, and any "Member Content" on this website to be removed and deleted. Uni Pharma also in their sole discretion, in the case with or without notice, at any time to terminate the website or any part thereof. Visitor agrees to provide the services of this website any provision under these Terms of Service, without prior notice may terminate. Guest acknowledges and agrees that Uni Pharma have right to immediately shut down or delete the guest and all information and files, including stop using this website.

16. Governing Law and jurisdiction of the Court

Interpretation of this agreement and applicable, as well as disputes relating to this agreement shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the ROC and Taiwan Taipei District Court as the first instance court of competent jurisdiction.