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  • Jen Chen

    Chairman of Board 


    Chairman of Board

                - Chemistry Ph.D., University of Rochester

                - Chemistry B.S., National Tsing Hua University

    Working Experience

    - General Manager, Genovate Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    - Chairman, Genovate Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    - Vice President, Asia Region , Genelabs Technologies , Inc.

    - Principal Investor  , CIBA-GEIGY Corporation

  • Terry Lin

    General Manager, Board member



    Education Background

    - Law school of National Chengchi University(LL.M.)

    - Law school of National Taiwan University

    - Pharmacy School of Taipei Medical University

    Working Experience

    - Rhone Poulenc Rorrer

    - Pfizer

    - BMS

    - Veterans General Hospital

  • Andy Chiu

    Deputy General Manager


    Education Background

    - Pharmacy School of China Medical University

    - Business Administration School of NTUH

    Working Experience

    - Director of Marketing Department, CCPC

    - Group Product Manager/National Sales Manager, GSK

    - District Manager, Schering-Plough

  • Grace Chen

    Finance Director


    Education Background

    -E.M.B.A., National Chengchi University(NCCU)

    - National Taiwan Normal University(NTNU)

    Working Experience

    - Teco Image Systems Co., Ltd. (Financial & Accounting Director)

    - Answer Technology Co., Ltd. (Financial & Accounting Director)

    - Acard Technology Corp. (CFO & Company Spokesperson)

    - Pharmigene, Inc. (Financial & Accounting Director)

  • Benjamin Tsai

    Director of Business Development


    Education Background

    - University of Texas at Austin, College of Pharmacy

    Working Experience

    - Medical center at Terrell, Director of Pharmacy Service

    - Lead Pharmacist, IVP care, Inc.

    - Sales Representative, Johnson & Johnson

  • Freia Wei

    Intl. Business Director

    B.S.   MBA

    Education Background

    - M.B.A., of University Washington

    - B.S. National Taiwan University

    Working Experience

    - SinoStar Medical (Clinical Development & Distribution)

    - AMDL Diagnostics (International Distribution Consultancy)

    - Bridge Laboratories (Preclinical CRO)

    - AntiCancer, Inc. (Drug Discovery & Development)

    - Oncoprobe, Inc. ( Medical Device)

  • Marc Huang

    Medical Research Manager


    Education Background

    - Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Western Ontario, Canada

    - Doctor of Medicine, Bicol Christian College of Medicine, Philippines

    Working Experience

    - Internship and Resident doctor, Cathy General Hospital

    - Physician Assistant, Cardinal Tien Hospital