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Privacy Policy

Uni Pharma Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Uni Pharma”) develop a privacy policy. Please read detail of the following privacy policy content.

1. Scope of Privacy

Privacy policy content, including how to deal with visitor’s identifiable information Uni Pharma collected when visitors use the website and services. This also including how to deal with any personal identifiable information when Uni Pharma shared with business partners.
Company Privacy Policy does not apply outside of Uni Pharma, this also does not apply to non-employed Uni Pharma personnel.

2. The data collection and usage

Uni Pharma visitors registered in the account of Uni Pharma, whom use of the content or service and browse the website of Uni Pharma, Uni Pharma will collect personally identifiable information of visitors.
Visitors at the time of Uni Pharma registration, we will ask for visitors name, email address, job title, industry, and other information. Once registered, sign in to our services, we can distinguish and identify each guest.
Uni Pharma will automatically receive and record numerical visitor browser on the server, including the Internet address (IP Address), Uni Pharma will be sent to the Information and Records cookie visitor identification used as a visitor's record.

3. The purpose of the data collection and use

Uni Pharma might use the information for the following purposes: to improve website content, provides and inform visitors a special events or new products, provide complete information based on request from visitors.

4. Information sharing and open manner

Uni Pharma will not sell or rent visitors personally identifiable information to anyone.
The following circumstances, Uni Pharma will provide personally identifiable information to other persons outside the company Uni Pharma:
Obtain consent form visitors before sharing information with other persons or companies.
Need to share information with other persons or companies to be able to provide visitors with the requirements of the product or service. These companies represent Uni Pharma to provide services or products information to visitors (visitors without obtaining prior consent, these companies are not entitled to use the personal information provided by Uni Pharma, for any purpose other than to provide products or services of) ?
Based on personal data protection, the Uni Pharma does not provide any user account information inquiries.

5. Cookies

This site will be set in the visitor's computer and left a cookie. Cookie is a set of symbols stored in visitor's computer text files temporary, making it easier for visitors to navigate this site. The cookie does not permanently stored on the visitor's computer hard drive, but when visitors leave the site will be deleted.
The purpose of this site is to use the cookie is to accurately record the number of visitors to the site in order to identify the user whether or not to confirm the person of the respective country or region, if a medical or other professional person respectively, and record visitor designated customizations and preferences.
the cookie we used will not contain any personal information.
Visitors have concern those cookies that we used, you can use the computer browser software to delete hindering all cookie functions. Please note that, if guests choose to remove or impede the function of cookies, the website pages cannot guarantee the normal operation, the operation may also run slowly.

6. modify personal account information and preferences

Uni Pharma gives visitors the power to stop personal account information and preferences at any time to view, copy, corrections, right to request deletion of personal data and the right to decide whether to accept the Uni Pharma inform visitors of special events or new products.
When a visitor to stop personal account information in Uni Pharma, or request deletion of personal information about visitors, Uni Pharma related sites will not provide further services to visitors.

7. preservation

To protect visitors' privacy and security, Uni Pharma will use password to protect visitors account information. Uni Pharma will take reasonable steps to protect personal information that we have to avoid the loss, improper use and be touched without authorization, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

8. The revised policy

Within the scope permitted by law, Uni Pharma retain its modify, add or delete part about the right policies, if Uni Pharma modify the terms of this policy, about modifying the part will be published on the website, visitors at any time to know what personal information we collect, how to use the information and whether or not to disclose personal information to others, such matters.

Copyright Notice

All of the content published on this site, in addition to the copyright law shall not be the subject of copyright (such as law, order, civil servants of speeches, press releases, etc. - refer to the provisions of Article 9 of the Copyright Act), the other including narrative, photography, graphics, audio, video and other information, are subject to copyright protection laws.

Above shall not be the subject by copyright, any person may freely exploit.

The website content protected by copyright Act, unless there is a reasonable usage, shall obtain the consent of the rights or authorization to use.


"Fair usage", contains the following:

(1) On this site, are published by the name of Uni Pharma, the authors should be Uni Pharma, within reasonable limits, be reproduced, publicly broadcast or public transport, the use of time, and please indicate the source.

(2) The information on this website for the purpose of personal or family nonprofit and reproduce.

(3) For the report, comment, teaching, research, or other legitimate purposes, within a reasonable scope, reference information on this website, please indicate the source.

(4) Any other reasonable usage, please refer to the Copyright Act Article 44 to Article 65 of the.


For convenience of visitors, this site only provides the link to related sites, Uni Pharma bear no responsibility for the use of visitors conduct involving the use of the contents of those website,.