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Future Plan

The next step for Uni Pharma is to strengthen its pipeline in Oncology area: additional Cancer diagnostic tests, cancer treatment of Radio Frequency Ablation and cancer therapeutic drug monitoring test. This allows Uni Pharma to enter the era of precision medicine by offering personalized test and treatment option for patients.

1. EZ-Detect:  EZ-Detect is a home-use test strip that is designed to detect blood in the stool that can be caused by bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, fissures or cancer of the colon.

2. Ovascreen: Ovasceen is a point-of-care test that can detect CA125 combining HE4 antigen in plasma, serum or capillary blood. A combined determination of HE4 and CA125 allows to increase efficiency of ovarian cancer diagnostics during screening. 

3. Radio Frequency Ablation for thyroid cancer treatment: Radio Frequency Ablation treatment has treated liver caner successfully for many years. Additional indication like treating thyroid cancer is under regulatory filing. 

4. Saladax MyCare drug monitoring test for 5-FU, Docetaxel, Palitaxel, Imatinib: MyCare test supports pharmacokinetically-guided exposure optimization of cancer drugs that creates an individual dosing profile for each patient.


Other than expanding our product pipeline into areas of various cancer detection tests, cancer ablation treatment and cancer therapeutic monitoring test, Uni Pharma also plans to set up in-house medical lab to provide better testing service. It is due to the importance of cancer detection and cancer treatment efficacy is no less than cancer drug development.

Uni Pharma is aimed to complete internal and external reviewing process by 2016 to file for Initial Public Offering at Taipei Exchange ( TPEx ) in 2017.

Successful public offering will increase visibility and transparency of Uni Pharma that would encourage Uni Pharma to become a more social- responsible company and attract better talent to join Uni Pharma. It is Uni Pharma’s mission to provide the best choices of medical product for unmet medical needs.