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Uni Pharma is founded in 1998 with the vision is to be the best solution for unmet medical needs. Our mission is to provide the patient-centered products embedded by our core values of professionalism, passion, integrity, care and responsibility.

Uni Pharma mainly focuses from the beginning was the distribution of international pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and diagnostic tests in areas of Oncology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Anesthesiology, and Cardiology. Uni Pharma’s distribution channel covers major medical centers, regional hospitals, area hospitals and clinics.

Since 2004, Uni Pharma started to develop self-pay market and biologic products. In 2010, Uni Pharma started to move into drug development area by collaborating with Raptor Pharmaceuticals in US to co-develop Convivia™ for ALDSH2 Deficiency. Moreover, Uni Pharma successfully licensed in DR-70® ELISA test as a tumor marker from US in 2013 and then established GMP facility in 2014 to supply DR-70® to Asia countries.

Uni Pharma has complete organizational structure and outstanding professionals to conduct new product evaluation, market analysis, and business development. The organization consists of import and export department, regulatory agencies, clinical departments, marketing departments, business department, financial department, warehouse-logistics management department, audit department and the legal department.Uni Pharm is one of the few companies that can provide vertically integrated research and development, clinical trials and marketing and other core business capabilities in specialty pharmaceutical company.

Uni Pharma has evolved from traditional distributor into brand-development, from local into regional distribution, from disease treatment and up stream to diagnosis and continues to grow as a R&D company. Uni Pharma combines a number of science and technology expert consultants and research units, using the latest technology to develop new bio-marker for neurological disease diagnosis and further set up its own medical laboratory to tailor unique service for precision medicine.

Uni Pharma continues to bring in and develop new products with global market potential. Uni Pharma will persist its five core values to continue putting effort in product development, expansion of business scope, giving back its research result to the community and benefiting the mankind as the biggest goal of achieving the corporate vision.